How To Defeat Harmful Habits - 50% Off

How To Defeat Harmful Habits - 50% Off

June Hunt

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Respected Christian counselor and founder of Hope for the Heart ministries June Hunt knows that countless lives are impacted and detoured by addictions. People are desperate for answers. They are hungry for hope.

In this insightful book, June provides compassionate biblical guidance to help readers recognize addictive impulses and habits, set boundaries, seek help, and trust the power of Christ and God's Word to release them from the hold of addictions including:

  • addictions and habits in general
  • alcohol and drug abuse
  • anorexia and bulimia
  • gambling
  • overeating
  • sexual addiction and more!

For those struggling with addiction or watching a loved one caught in its destructive cycles, this is an encouraging resource of lasting answers and a path to healing God's way.

Paperback 432 pages