Bible Study on Handling Stress

Bible Study on Handling Stress

June Hunt

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Full of engaging stories, biblical teaching and practical questions for personal application and group discussion, this Bible study will help you overcome everyday challenges.

Are you stressed out … and now headed toward burnout? Stress can rob you of peace and cause you to wonder, How much longer can I keep this up?

Find out how you can experience God’s peace no matter the circumstance. Based on June Hunt’s bestselling Hope For ­The Heart series (over 1 million sold), this 6-session Bible study digs deep into God’s Word, shedding light on the difference between helpful and harmful stress.

Digs into Scripture. See what the Bible says about stress, distress and the stress-causing lies we believe, such as, “The more I do for God, the more God will love me.”
• Interactive and Practical. Includes discussion questions, journaling, checklists and practical steps you can take each day.
• Relevant and Relatable. Real stories and biblical answers to key questions such as, “What underlying mind-sets cause stress?”

Perfect for personal or small group use.


“It really helped reduce my stress.” – Study participant

“This study does a good job of blending Scripture and real-life experiences.” – Study participant

“Easy to understand … easy to apply to everyday stress” – Study participant