Bible Study on Dealing With Anger

Bible Study on Dealing With Anger

June Hunt

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Full of engaging stories, biblical teaching and practical questions for personal application and group discussion, this Bible study will help you overcome everyday challenges.

Has anger ever clouded your judgment – you reacted rashly – and lived to regret it? What do you do if you’re in­flamed with the heat of anger, yet can’t cool yourself down?

Based on June Hunt’s bestselling Hope For The Heart series (over 1 million sold), this 6-session Bible study digs deep into God’s Word, describing how to control your anger rather than letting it control you.

Digs into Scripture. Find out what the Bible says about the use and misuse of anger and discover the 4 sources of anger.
• Interactive and Practical. Includes discussion questions, journaling, checklists and practical steps you can take each day.
• Relevant and Relatable. Real stories and biblical answers to key questions such as, “What causes prolonged anger?” “What if I’m angry at God?” and “What is the quick answer to anger?”

Perfect for personal or small group use.


“Excellent. Clear and understandable” – Study participant

“Great probing questions for reflection” – Study leader

“The format and presentation fit nicely into a small group study.”– Study leader