Bible Study on Choosing Forgiveness

Bible Study on Choosing Forgiveness

June Hunt

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Full of engaging stories, biblical teaching and practical questions for personal application and group discussion, this Bible study will help you overcome everyday challenges.

You know that we are all called to forgive – but how? What does “letting it go” actually look like? What if the o­ffender isn’t even sorry?

Find out how you can forgive – and be set free!

Based on June Hunt’s bestselling Hope For The Heart series (over 1 million sold), this 6-session Bible study digs deep into God’s Word, showing you how to foster a heart of forgiveness and how to release rocks of resentment that weigh you down.

Digs into Scripture. Find out what the Bible says about our desire for justice and discover the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation.
• Interactive and Practical. Includes discussion questions, journaling and practical steps you can take each day.
• Relevant and Relatable. Real stories and biblical answers to key questions such as, “Is forgiveness letting someone ‘off the hook’?” and “How do I know whether I’ve truly forgiven someone?”

Perfect for personal or small group use.


“I never learned about how to forgive … [I] had such a struggle with it. Your study helped break the barrier. … It really helped me to understand how to forgive others. … This study changed my ability to forgive.” – Study participant

“It gave a clear understanding of what forgiveness is and more importantly what it isn’t.– Study participant

“My women’s Sunday school class and I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from this study. It hit home with each participant. We all feel that we grew in our understanding of the Word through this study.” –– Study leader